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RJ Devaki Biography: Everybody in this world is living for an aim and purpose. From the beginning, we start thinking about what we will become and achieve when we grow up. Each person has its desire and aims. It’s a story of RJ Devaki Biography you are going to read. She needed to face several struggles after which fulfillment got here.

The point of achieving something is an aspiration. An existence without desire is worthless. Devika since youth began putting forth attempts to accomplish the objective she had. She continued pursuing her fantasies and wants. It kept her centered and persuaded her to buckle down. A lady that resembles a wave. Women these days wind up at the junction when an issue of picking a profession faces them solidly. This decision, at last, plans her life or can turn into a shelter.

Rj devaki

Starting with a call as a theatre artist and TV craftsman, today Devaki is the most notable radio racer with a colossal after. A firm ladies lobbyist she takes confidence in pushing constantly through her work as an RJ. She has acted in numerous plays including Samudra Manthan, Kasturba, and Dhad. RJ Devaki is a Radio Jockey working for Red FM in Ahmedabad. She by her tremendous ability is awakening her audience members as soon as the morning appears. The show is called “Morning No. 1”. As of late, she was granted the voice of “Ahmedabad” by the legislative leader of Gujrat himself.

RJ Devaki biography


RJ Devaki is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As she is from Gujarat, she knows the city very nicely. With more than 11 years of inclusion in Ahmedabad Radio, Devaki stays for Power, Sensitivity, and Courage. She is the most-watched RJ of Ahmedabad. She pulls in people with her lively silly tendency, and utmost sarcasm. Devaki’s show “Morning No. 1” was granted the best demonstration of Gujrat by India radio gathering in the year 2015.  FM radio has revolutionized the lives of individuals. Any place such as, at home, restaurants, workplaces, transports, railroad stations, or road, the crowd is tuning in to the radio.

Rj devaki

FM radio open at PDAs have made it conceivable to get to them at wherever. The need for radio broadcasts is developing and they are cooking individuals from everywhere throughout the nation and uncommonly all age gathering. Aside from being a radio racer, Devaki has facilitated different occasions outside the city too. She has a direct collab with large celebrity names like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, AR Rahman, Arijit Singh, Ranveer Singh and substantially more.

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Devika with her gifts has become one of the well-known characters in Gujarat. She has facilitated more than 500 occasions which incorporates all these enormous celebrities. Devaki likewise get trees from the senator. We as a whole realize radio is a method for diversion. When another melody is discharged quickly the young people of the nation blends to its beats. The whole country has been spellbound by this ramped variant of FM radio. Before the radio worked uniquely as an educational wellspring of correspondence, presently individuals use it for their diversion reason too. Individual’s tunes in to cricket coordinate, melodies are played in a steady progression, the news is being told, and so forth. RJ Devaki appx. The salary is 25 lac p.a. RJ Devaki family has a mother, father, and 1 brother.


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RJ Devaki Hobbies and Awards

RJ Devaki’s show “Morning No. 1” has been awarded to be The Best Radio Show of Gujarat by India Radio Forum. Unlike other Radio jockeys, Devaki participates in changing the social movement. Her show is a phase for the AamAmdavadi. Specialists like the AMC, Police Commissioner, and the pioneer of the city use the show to spread their message over. They even take Devaki’s recommendations on basic issues. Each police central station gets thunder under their feet when they get a call from her and they don’t feel bashful to surrender that.


Devaki got various shrubs in different years. 2013 she got an honor called the voice of the year. 2014 and 2017 she got Rj of the year Gujrat by Indian radio gathering. She additionally got the best radio demonstration of the year in 2015 and 2017. 2014 she turned into the adolescent symbol for the Indian Lok Sabha political race. 2017 Devaki turned into the young symbol for the political race commission of Indian Vidhan Sabha’s decisions. She likewise got awards for her acting aptitudes. She got the best on-screen character grant of Gujrat by transmedia stage and screen grants for Agnikanya. In 2017 she got the best on-screen character grant for Gujrat by transmedia stage and screen grants for Samudra.

Such a small life, yet so many inspiring stories to be told. Hence, it is oblivious to keep your struggles strong and words less to reach the epitome of success.

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