Rj Ekta Sandhir Biography | Age | Family | Boyfriend | Career and More


RJ Ekta Sandhir Biography | Age | Family | Boyfriend | Career and More.

Born on 9th October 1993 in Gujarat, Ekta Sandhir is a 27 years old radio jockey. She comes from an Indian Hindu middle-class family. Ekta has been working at meethi Mirchi for the last 4 years. She was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, but her family belongs to Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. She is s radiant girl full of energy and good vibes, someone you wouldn’t want to miss for sure. We are sharing with you full information about  Rj Ekta Sandhir Biography.

RJ Ekta Sandhir Biography

Early life

She pursued her elementary schooling from Gujarat and then completed her graduation from the Gandhi Nagar university. She has always been the center of the party, out of the box kid since her childhood days. Even in school, she stood out from the rest, because of her vibrant energy and positivity. Ekta Sandhir has inculcated the values, good vibes, and need of love.  College, however, brought a change to this chirpy girl. She took part in co-curricular activities, learning how to organize events, and monitor them. Afterward, she got the opportunity to enter the business of voice. Now, she has been in this field as a radio jockey for over 4 years, and the Ekta we see today is much different than what she was a back in her college and school days. This young,  Punjabi girl stores so much energy and substance and motivation within her that anyone who interacts is supposed to feel, what has he been doing his entire life! Growing up she would listen to music intently. Since childhood, she listened to Punjabi folk music and ghazals. She is a lover of soft and scintillating music, as she said in an interview.


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Career highlights

Ekta Sandhir is a well know TikToker and social media influencer too, apart from being a successful radio jockey. She rose to fame recently because of her original voice in TikTok videos, which became viral throughout India, on various social media platforms. Being a social influencer, she posts and reviews various things and changes taking place around us. Her Instagram profile has 383k followers and her TikTok profile has 23 million followers.

 Rj Ekta Sandhir

Being a Punjabi girl from a well to do Hindu family, Ekta Sandhir is blessed with cute looks. Her Amazing expressions in her TikTok videos have made her famous in such a short time. They went viral all across the various social media platforms, making her a star in no time. A lot of people admire her and she seems to be inspirational to a lot of her followers. As of 2020, the artist is 27 years old.  The artist earns both from TikTok and Instagram. At present, her net worth is 50 lakhs.


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Ekta Sandhir’s married life

Presently, Ekta is only concentrating on her career and is happily unmarried. Also, she said in an interview that she isn’t looking forward to date anybody right now. She believes in the concept of marriage and according to her, no matter how different two people are, a good understanding between them can overcome all the differences. She claims to have seen, a night owl and an early riser staying together happily, only because of their understanding. No matter how different two people are,  love and understanding can always bring them closer- She believes in this.


General trivia

  • She is a pet lover, who loves puppies and kittens.
  • She is too fond of her mom.
  • Also, she is a foodie who obsesses over pizzas.
  • She loves to travel around places and explore the unknown.

To sum up

Sandhir has been working as a radio jockey with Radio Mirchi Ahmedabad since 2012. Her job keeps her going and enables her to live freely as her job needs her to stay updated, read, sing, and spread positivity to all. Throughout this process of reaching more to the public, she feels that she has evolved into a better person. This gives all the due credit to radio and music which have shaped the way of her life.


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