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RJ Nishita biography
Rj Nishita is a famous radio jockey of Ahmedabad. She is a jock with a unique personality, one who can connect with the audience.  She is happy going yet sensitive and undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. Her fluent style of delivering talks and sessions has been of great advantage to her in this career. Rj Nishita’s fame and success is evident from her 61.8 k Instagram followers. Her “happy go lucky” attitude towards her job is absolutely fantastic. Read the entire article to know more about RJ Nishita biography, her struggles and achievements.

RJ Nishita biography

Early life and education

Nishita’s family was associated with the music industry. Music was a daily affair in her family. Since childhood, she had clear ambitions. She never aspired to become an engineer or doctor. She wanted to be the center of all attention on stage, with a mic on one hand. While at school, she loved to anchor events and programs, catching everyone’s attention.
When she was pursuing her graduation in 2007, she was awarded the Voice of the day award in a singing competition.


After completing her education, she joined the English academy as a counselor, to be independent for her pocket money. On one occasion, Nishita met the manager of a radio station who was impressed with her. He subsequently invited her for an interview to be an RJ. The opportunity was a golden chance for Nishita and a door leading to happiness. Afterward, she was called for a second interview but didn’t get any joining letter from the Ahmedabad office. So she continued with her higher studies and pursued masters in English from Saurashtra University.

Two months after joining the university, Nishita got a confirmation letter and joined as a radio jockey in 2009. She paused her education until 2012 when she did her MBA in media and entertainment from Annamalai university.


RJ Nishita Career

Rj Nishita continued her job with red FM until 2018 when she joined radio one at Ahmedabad. While working, she got married in 2015. Nishita has been associated with the radio channel for nine years to date, contributing to its growth and providing quality services to people. Her career further leaped when she joined Doordarshan as a newsreader in January 2019. She loves to explore new fields and her abilities.

RJ Nishita Photos

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People who are related to fields like entertainment, hospitality, etc don’t get holidays. Hence they hardly get time to spend with their families and friends. Rj Nishita’s life too comes with similar hardships. No job is free from struggles and challenges. Being a public personality, an RJ has to be unique and deliver original thoughts and contents. They have to struggle enough to maintain their individualism and create their own identity using their talents. All through the years, RJ Nishita has been doing a commendable job as a radio jockey.


Career highlights

Because of her excellence in this field, Nishita has been awarded quite a few awards and honors. She is dedicated and committed to her work. Her hard work fetched her the best employee in the west zone award in 2011. Her presence of mind, her chirpy voice, fluent style of delivery along with her passion for this job has made her achieve success in life. Another proud moment for her was when her radio program was the only sponsored show of Ahmedabad. Nishita was born in Mumbai and grew up in Rajkot. When she shifted to Ahmedabad for her career, she had to change herself to suit the needs of the people there. She was quick enough to do that. Presently she is working with radio one.


Being in this field for nine years, she has given a message for her audience and followers which says ” entry into this sector isn’t easy. It’s full of competition with other radio jockeys and you have to keep giving your best to secure a place in this field. It’s a competitive space where entry through someone works well”. Ever since she entered into this field, she has become a new person. Being an extremely loving, delightful, and humble person, she maintains a cordial relationship with her co RJs. She has even made a few friends who belong to this sector.
She believes that ” it takes hard work and perseverance to reach the peak of success”. As we know, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Similarly, she knows that it requires dedication and patience to achieve success and she is willing to have that. Last but not least, RJ Nishita thanks to both the families are the greatest treasure who continue to support and love in each & every step of her life.

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