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Sairam Dave is a popular Gujarati humourist and singer. He is famous for his stage presence. He holds the amazing talent of improving anyone’s mood in minutes with his performance. Dave also works as the Principal in a primary school at Gondal, Gujarat. He earned fame by being the youngest humourist or Hasya Kalakar in Gujarat. Sairam Dave is also an author and poet. His book “Sairam Na Hasata Akshar” consists of multiple poems, songs, and gazals penned by him. Let’s Read More into Sairam Dave Biography.

Early Life

Sairam Dave was born into a Gujarati family in Kathiyawad, Gujarat. He was born on 7th February 1977. His parents are Vishnuprasad Dave and Sarojben Dave. Both of them were teachers in Amarnagar in Gujarat. Vishnuprasad Dave was also a musician in Akashvani. Sairam has two brothers who are Amit and Kishan Dave. Sairam was fond of traditional Gujarati music as well as poems and modern music. He idolized his parents throughout his childhood and adulthood. He wanted to become a teacher, just like his parents were. 


Sairam got a diploma in Electric Engineering upon completing school. After he graduated, Sairam went on to pursue a career that will include poetry and music. His love for verses was unfathomable. While working on Gujarati folk music like dayro and bhajans, he found his talent for on-stage performances. He began performing on stages as hasya kalakar which, with time, gained him huge popularity among the audience.

Sairam has released numerous audios, music albums, and videos. His audios include religious bhajans, funny jokes, audio jokes, multiple songs, etc. His religious songs “Hanuman Ni Aarti”, “Premni Pathshala”, “Prem Etle Vhem”, “Jay Jay Hanuman Gosai”, “Jay Jay Jaliyan Dejo Praman”, Chhokariyona Panch Dukh”, “E Khuda Tu Ishq Mat Karna” have earned huge popularity. He has expressed his humor through audios like “Sairam Dave Ni Hasya Dhamal”, “Koi Smite Smite Salge Che”, “Gamda Ni Chutani Ni Joks”, “100 Rupiya Ni Majuri Kari Daru Pivo”, “Aaj Na Chhokara Bahu Hoshiyar Hoy Che”, and several more.

Sairam has released many albums that include dayro, bhajans, and comedy songs. His first album was released in 2014. His most famous albums are “Hasyani Teen Patti”, “Aane To Upado Lidho”, “Facebook No Jamano”, “Aaja Fasaja Dot Com”, “Lagna Etle Lolipop” and many more.


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Sairam Dave has also worked in the Gujarati movie Aigiri Nandini. He has published several books. “Hu Dunia Ne Hasava Chhu”, “Haso Nahi To Mara Sam”, “Smile Nu Tsunami”, “Hasya No Highway”, “Smileram”, “Hasya Samrat”, “Hasya Samrat”, “Mammu Ghar Ketle?”, “Amtha Amtha Kem N Hasia?”, “Sairam No Hasya Darbar” are the books that hold his outstanding snese of humor. His jokes can undoubtedly make the readers’ time. He has also written the books and “Akshar Ni Aangaliyu Zali” and “Parenting Solutions”.

In 2007, “Sairamna Hasta Akshar” was released. the book earned immense popularity as it was created as a mix of tragedy, comedy, and the asset of patriotism. Sairam entered the internet world in 2008, and since then, he is spreading his brilliant creations world-wide.


Sairam’s success broke the barriers of the Gujarat border and spread across the world. He has performed abroad on various stage programs. He traveled to England, Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, and several countries in Europe. He has shared the stage with many great &famous personalities like Kirtidan Gandhvi, Osman Mir, Mayabhai Ahir, Padma Shri Bhikudhan Gadhvi, and Laxman Barot.

In 2000, Sairam was approved as a “B High Grade” Folk Literature Artist. He received the honor of Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar in 2007. He stands as one of the youngest achievers of such an honorary award. His fame is witnessed across the world among most Gujarati immigrants. The respect and love he has earned break all the limits.

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Sum Up

Sairam Dave along with his son released their collection of poems written on Mahila SSamelan, Vanbandhu Samelan, and Matruvandana Reli in 2009. At present, he lives in Rajkot, Gujarat, with his wife, Zankhana Dave. The couple has two sons, Dhruv and Dharnaraj Dave. Sairam is one of the most celebrated Gujarati artists of this time.  

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