Savji Dholakia Biography | Family | Company | House | Networth


Savji Dholakia Biography | Family | Company | House | Networth

Born on 12th April 1962, Savji Dhanji Dholakia is an Indian businessman dealing in the production and export of diamonds. He is the founder and chairperson of Hari Krishna Exports, which looks into diamond production and diamond export. Currently, Hari Krishna exports sell finished diamond products to more than 50 countries, across the globe including Hong Kong, US, China, and UAE. This group operates from Mumbai and has been successfully handling this business for years.

Savji Dholakia Biography

Early life

Savji Dholakia comes from an extremely middle-class farmer family. He was born in Dudhala, Amreli in Gujarat. He studied in school till the 4th standard and dropped out of school when he was only 13. Then he joined his paternal uncle’s diamond business in Surat. Soon he had his brothers Tulsi and Himmat founded a separate diamond business in 1984. The company grew eventually and developed into a major diamond exporting company employing about 6500 employees back in 2014. At present, more than ten thousand employees work under his company. In 2014, the company witnessed an astonishing turnover of USD 550 million, in other words, INR 4000 crore with a 104% growth from the previous year. Besides being the manager of hare Krishna exports, he is also associated with HK designs and unity jewels.


Right now, Savji Dholakia’s company H.K exports are among the top 5 diamond industries. Over these years it has achieved innumerable awards and honors for its outstanding developments.  Even since he founded this company and started his own diamond business, his net worth has been on a steady rise and currently, it’s US$ 38 million as of 2017. Savji Dholakia was invited as the chief guest along with Sanjay MS Ravel at the Abhar Zindagi event. It was organized by the GEB engineers association at Het ni haveli, Dudhald in Amreli. Savji Dhokalia also organized the 5th Krishna diamond marathon event where 800 runners participated. the purpose of organizing this event was to spread the noble cause of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and promote a healthy lifestyle and living conditions.

Career achievements

Hark Krishna exports have consistently been the recipient of Gem and Jewellery Export promotion council awards for the last 12 years. Hari Krishna exports private LTD  even won 3 awards at the 45th Indian Gem and jewelry award ceremony presented by the gem and jewelry export promotion council at New Delhi:

Most socially responsible companies- Sri Ghanshyam Dholakia and Sri Hitartch Dholakia were felicitated with the award from commerce minister Shri Piyush Goyal.

Cart and polished diamond ( Highest turnover)- Shri Himmat Bhai Dholakia and Srimati Manjula ben Dholakia were felicitated with the award from Vinay Sahasrabuddhe.

Best growing company- Sri Jatin Dholakia and Srimati Raseela ben Dholakia( mother of the former) were felicitated with the award from Doctor Vinay Sahasrabuddhe.

Sum Up

Savji Dholakia always believes in keeping his face high towards the sunshine. he also preaches that one’s aim shouldn’t be to do great things but to do small things in a great way. for the youth of the nation, he always advises them to be with their family since doing so has an amazing influence on their professional life. he thinks it’s of utmost importance to lead the youth of the nation in the right direction. Which that aim he endeavored to infuse motivation and inspiration with his thoughts and journey at the Bal Yuva Mahotsav in 2019.

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