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Recently, food blogging has emerged to be an extremely popular profession, especially among food enthusiasts. Foods blogs serve to be one of the best platforms and ways to impact the audience and reach the masses. Food blogging has greatly effected people’s food taste and eating choices. In this biography, we would talk about one such popular food blogger, Shruti Shukla.  


Shruti Shukla is a passionate food blogger. Her love and passion for food have urged her to start blogging and influence people to adopt healthy eating styles too. Her famous blog page on Instagram, named crunchy gourmet has become a huge success. One can see a plethora of food images, with proper description and enough information. Seeing the pictures, one is sure to go crave for them. Not only does she post pictures of food, like heavenly food items. Truly she is one of the best food blogger who inspires several other food enthusiasts. 

Early Life and Education:

Even since her childhood days, she was a shy girl. However, various circumstances have enabled her to open up to people and adapt herself to various surroundings. As she grew, she started to follow her heart. In her college life, she realized that she loves to explore new places, new food, and new life. With that realisation, she ventured out on several trips and realized that following a true passion is the key to happiness. 

Career Highlight:

  • By profession, she is an engineer. 
  • She has been working for IT MNC for the last 4 years. 
  • However, she gives equal importance to her professional job and blog. 

Journey as a blogger:

One day, shruti found that people love to taste different food items. They love to explore the diversity of food. From that point, she decided to experiment with food, try various dishes, and let people know about them to spread more and more happiness. That’s why she started her food blog page. She has been into it for the last 3 years. Her Instagram page amply suggests her success as a food blogger. About 16.2 k people follow her.  Since the past few years, she has received a lot of invitations and requests for collaborations from some of the 4-star restaurants in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. She has successfully brought to people how rich and tasty are street foods and what are the best Street food items to taste. She has also worked with highend brands like PVR, Starbucks, Fern, Dineout, Red Fm, Vadilal, and TGB. 

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Food blogger shruti is sure to make people fall in love with food. She is an avid food enthusiast and a recipe developer, who passionately cooks and explores several items, bringing new content every day. Her food blogging page is extremely therapeutic and she has successfully maintained her Instagram page. Her creative thoughts and ideas are so astonishing, that one would not be able to get one’s mind off it. Through her blogs, she educates her followers on the importance of following a healthy, nutritious diet. If you are a health freak, crunchy gourmet is the best page to follow. 

To sum up

Every food blogger cannot be an influencer. In today’s world of fake information saturation, it’s important to discover bloggers who serve people with the right information. If you are a real foodie, this is the one for you. Shruti Shukla is a real food connoisseur who started her food journey trying out street foods in various corners of the world. At crunchy gourmet, it’s only food and food. Through her blogs, she shares her experience and feelings about food and intends to deliver the most honest reviews of different types of food dishes. 

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