Simmy Makwana Biography | Bridal makeup artist | Makeup studio


Simmy Makwana Biography | Bridal make-up artist | Best makeup studio.

Makeup is an art. It is a passion and love that every girl has. Each one of us wants to learn the art of make-up. It is not necessary that you need to learn make-up from some academy. It is a beautiful art of beautifying others. There are many who learn this art from various academies and make-up artists, while there are some who do not need any introduction to learning make-up. Simmy Makwana is one of them. Check out here Simmy Makwana Biography.

Simmy Makwana Biography

Early life 

Born and brought up in Ahmedabad in a Gujarati family, Simmy Makwana was a living a simple life. She graduated from the college just like any other normal girl. She had not known that she would become such a renowned bridal make-up artist. Simmy is also known by her nickname Hetal. This name is not known to many except her family and near ones.


And this pretty make-up artist tops the list of best bridal make-up artists in Ahmedabad. Every bride wants to be known as a “Simmy Makwana bride”. She is a highly talented girl and is a pro in her work. She owns a make-up studio and a learning academy – where she teaches all the young aspirants about make up.


Simmy Makwana career 

Her career shot up to new heights the moment she opened her salon. Just like others, she began her studio by providing only bridal makeups and party make-ups. She began with a small introduction and now her work speaks volumes. She is an educator; she is a bridal make-up artist. She runs an academy under her name. She provides all the salon services at her salon/make-up studio.


She is the director of Simmy Makeup Studio and Academy, Ahmedabad, India. She provides the best makeup training in Ahmedabad. You will be astounded to know that her classes are also highly affordable whereas, many make-up artists charge high rates for educating people in this field. This means that any girl can enroll in her classes.

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She is active on all social media platforms. You can check out her Instagram and Facebook page for her work. She can be seen posting pictures of her pretty brides with various captions. She also shares many tutorials on various makeup looks and transformations. So if you are a makeup junkie who loves to try various transformations, you can follow her page for tutorials. You will also get an insight into the work done by her until now (from the time she began her career, until now). These tutorials are fun to watch and you will surely learn tips and tricks for various things. She not only posts make-up tutorials but also tells her fan to try various “eye makeup looks”, “tips and tricks”, “hair care remedies”, “day and night face care regime” and many other interesting stories to follow.


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It is always interesting to follow her stories and pictures for various noteworthy transformations. Once you follow her page, you will get to see so many brides whom she has transformed with her art. The best part about her page is that if you are one to learn skills from her but you’re not a resident of Ahmedabad, you can still learn via online lectures and classes that she takes. On her Insta handle, you can find various highlights that will guide you for all sorts of makeup. She even has a section for simple everyday makeup look for beginners. Take just one step top to follow her and make your career bright by learning this amazing art of beautifying and transforming others, as well as yourself.

Do visit her page to see the difference yourself and to learn new techniques of this art. Her services are worth the price you are paying.

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