Celebrity Showdown: ‘Special Forces’ Season 2 – Hollywood’s Elite Take on Brutal Challenges!



Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like never before as Hollywood’s elite step out of their comfort zones and into the heart-pounding world of “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” Season 2! Premiering on FOX on September 25,’Special Forces’ Season 2

this gripping reality show will push a star-studded cast of celebrities and athletes to their limits, testing their physical and mental prowess in the grueling challenges inspired by the actual Special Forces selection process.

“Celebrity Showdown: ‘Special Forces’ Season 2 – Hollywood’s Elite Take on Brutal Challenges!”

Say goodbye to eliminations and hello to pure survival as these household names endure harsh winter warfare training, treacherous mountain crossings, and ice-cold submersion. Brace yourselves for the ultimate celebrity showdown in the unforgiving wilds of New Zealand!’Special Forces’ Season 2

Tom Sandoval:

Fresh off a dramatic season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Tom Sandoval is leaving the drama behind to take on the demanding challenges of “Special Forces.

” Currently filming Season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules,” he’s ready to test his mettle in the wilderness.

Blac Chyna:

Model and entrepreneur Blac Chyna joins the cast, bringing her determination and resilience to the unforgiving tests of “Special Forces.” She shares her journey as a parent while facing the harsh realities of the selection process.’Special Forces’ Season 2

Savannah Chrisley:

Best known for her role in “Chrisley Knows Best,” Savannah Chrisley embarks on a new challenge after a tough year following her parents’ legal issues. Her strength will be tested like never before.

Tyler Cameron:

    Former “The Bachelorette” suitor Tyler Cameron is ready to prove his mettle in the intense challenges of “Special Forces.” His ex, Hannah Brown, previously participated in Season 1.

Brian Austin Green:

“90210” star Brian Austin Green returns to reality competition after his stint on “Dancing With the Stars” in Season 21. His experience and determination will be put to the test in the brutal selection process.’Special Forces’ Season 2

Tara Reid:

Known for her breakout role in “American Pie” and appearances in the “Sharknado” franchise, Tara Reid takes on a new adventure in “Special Forces,” showcasing her strength and resilience.

Robert Horry:

Former NBA player Robert Horry, a 7-time NBA champion, brings his competitive spirit and athleticism to the challenges of “Special Forces.”

Nick Viall:

  “The Bachelor” star from Season 21, Nick Viall, now hosts a popular podcast called “The Viall Files.” He’s ready to tackle the physical and mental challenges ahead.’Special Forces’ Season 2

Kelly Rizzo:

    Actress and producer Kelly Rizzo, previously married to Bob Saget, embraces the demanding selection process with determination and courage.’Special Forces’ Season 2


    Famous YouTuber, dancer, singer, and actress JoJoSiwa, known for her historic win on “Dancing With the Stars” Season 30, faces a whole new set of challenges in “Special Forces.”

Bode Miller:

    Former World Cup alpine ski racer Bode Miller, a six-time Olympic medalist, brings his athleticism and competitive spirit to the brutal tests of “Special Forces.”

Dez Bryant:

    Former NFL player Dez Bryant, known for his time with the Dallas Cowboys as a wide receiver, faces the ultimate physical and mental challenges in “Special Forces.”


With an impressive lineup of celebrities and athletes, “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” Season 2 promises to be an intense and riveting journey.

Viewers can witness the resilience, determination, and teamwork of these household names as they tackle the harshest challenges inspired by the actual Special Forces selection process.

Tune in on September 25 to witness their incredible journey on FOX.

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