Top 10 New Business Ideas In Gujarat

New Business Ideas In Gujarat with low investment 


business idea in gujarat

Gujarat, as a buzzing city with 5% of the Indian population continues to grow every day. As a big contributor to the growth of the Indian economy, this state stands in a distinctive position.

Gujarat harvests approximately 16% of industrial production whereas 50% of India’s refined petroleum goods are produced here.

Furthermore, it is considered to be the petroleum capital of the nation for producing petroleum-based goods in such a huge quantity. Also, 45% of the pharmaceuticals and drugs are made here in Gujarat.

At present, Gujarat stands as one of the top industrialized states in the country. Keep in mind, Gujaratis are considered to be sharp-minded when it comes to business.

New Business Ideas with Low Investment

With the everyday growth of the state, entrepreneurs are looking forward to start-up businesses. If you are one of them and want to start a new business with a low investment you are at the right site. However, which business would prove to be more benefitting than others is a question everyone is asking about.

Industrial sectors such as chemicals, jewellery, dairy, fertilizers, agriculture goods, textiles are some of the finest sectors with the most beneficial outcomes. Not only businessmen but women are proving themselves to be very successful since the last decade. Gujarat shows how, if given a chance, every person with a smart mind and wit can achieve their goals.

Thus, we have prepared a detailed list of new businesses ideas in Gujarat that can be set up pretty easily and also will offer profits. Let’s have a look and see how much helpful it is going to be…

Fertilizers and Chemicals –

As a country that highly depends on agriculture, India uses fertilizers of various kinds to harvest crops. Gujarat already makes a great number of such fertilizers and chemicals used to improve harvesting. These productions are exported both inside the country and abroad. The best thing is, you won’t need excessive capital to start the business. so, if you have enough ammunition this is the best profitable business in India.

Art & Handicraft – 

To start a financial career, this one is completely the finest. Gujarat is known as the ‘jewel of western India’ because it is being rich in art and culture. Thus, you can undoubtedly opt for the best of new business ideas in Ahmedabad with low investment; as art and craft businesses do not require large sums to get the boost. Ahmedabad as the major city with hundreds of thousands of tourists every year surely brings success to the business.

Fashion Boutiques – 

If you are interested in fashion and style and grow your business as a boutique owner, you can surely choose this one. People are getting very conscious of how they look or what others are wearing. So, you get to be the trendsetter with your own store! This is an amazing way to set up a business and grow with proper resources within a very short time.

Textile Manufacturing – 

Textiles have always been one of the leading businesses in Gujarat. open a small platform of your own in the industry and witness your growth. Gujarati traditional wears are immensely liked by every Gujarati inside and outside the state. Getting on hand in manufacturing garments like ghagra cholis, dhotis, and such goods can only bring success.

Clothing Material Business – 

If you are looking for new business ideas in Surat or any corner of the state, keep this one in mind. This one also stands as a very efficient business as the textile industry is in constant need of clothing materials of various types. A small-scale manufacturing unit will be a promising start for you if you are interested in the field.


Embroidery & Printing – 

Bold colours and vibrant designs are the identities of Gujarat’s fashion culture. With several festivals bound to be celebrated people love to wear desi Gujarati clothes. Therefore, a business trying to contribute to that genre of business can never go dull. If you have enough workforce and required sum, this one is going to take you places.

Salt Manufacturing Industry – 

Gujarat has 1600 km of coastline which is the longest in India. The state produces the maximum quantity of marine products and salt for industries all over the nation. Moreover, Gujarat makes India the second-largest salt exporting country in the world. So, investing in the salt production business is obviously one of the best ideas to start up.

Food Manufacturing –

Gujarat’s speciality is the state’s versatile food. And tourists all over the world come here to taste the delicacies of Gujarat. So, starting a food business, be it a small restaurant or a food van, your business will definitely be a hit.

Papad Making Business – 

Not just men, but women planning on starting up a new business, can go for this option very easily. Even, Papad producing is one such business that you can begin working at home only. With a good workforce and a very small sum, you can grow the business in no time.

Paper Production – 

This is a very high in-demand business. Also, within a low budget, you can start it. As corporate sectors and industries are growing rapidly all over the state, a paper manufacturer can never sit workless.

Mobile Vehicle Cleaning Service –

With a machine to wash vehicles and a small space to set up the place, you can effortlessly set up this business. In a state where automobile industries are booming, this small investment business is bound to greatly.

Ice Cream Parlour – 

As Gujarat has a warm climate throughout the year, starting an ice cream parlour at any corner of Gujarat will only grow. Try to choose a spot where a fine number of tourists visit regularly. This is one of the finest latest business ideas with low investment. The business will be booming within no time.

Home Delivery Business – 

Be it grocery items or homemade food, home delivery businesses are increasing since last year. You can always take it as an effect of the deadly pandemic. Ever since it started, people are preferring to order sitting at home for any and every kind of item. The best part is you will not need separate storage space for setting the business up if your home has free space. With the right number of helping hands, this will be one of the best startup ideas with low investment.



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