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Food is any substance that is consumed by human beings or animals. But for Indians food is not just a substance to fill their stomachs but an emotion. The richest delicacies are it veg or non-veg are found in India. And Gujarat is a state of heritage, has a lot of mouthwatering delicacies. Let’s see the top 10 most popular Gujarati food dishes.

1. Khandvi– 


It is a very healthy and tasty snack of Gujarat. And it is very easy to make also as it does not take many ingredients not much time. The traditional Khandvi is made very spicy, but one can also make it without many spices. The most important thing to make a perfect Khandvi is the batter, if the batter is perfect 90% of the work is done. The batter is made with a mixture of gram flour and water and yogurt, but the amount should be perfect in order to get a perfect consistency. The batter has to be in medium consistency nor thick nor thin, and add ginger and green chili paste to it, and while in the pan the batter has to be spread very fast throughout the pan and the layer has to come very thin and then garnish it with some grated coconut and curry leaves and then roll it and serve hot.

2. Gujarati Kadhi– 

Gujarati Kadhi

Kadhi, as we know, is a very important part of Gujarati cuisine and so is buttermilk which is made by adding water to yogurt to make a thin slurry and gram flour or besan. And Gujarati Kadhi is also made with these ingredients, Gujarati curry is less heavy or richer than the Punjabi curry. This curry is made by adding a little oil in the pan and sauteing the chopped green chilis and ginger in the pan with some asafoetida for the smell and then adding the buttermilk to the Tarka and has to let it cook for 45-50 minutes and when the curry becomes thick and the consistency is perfect, it is ready to be served with Phulka roti or nun.   

3. Methi Na Thepla 

Methi ka Thepla

Thepla is also a very common breakfast dish of Gujarat. It is a kind of paratha that is made with spices and stuffing. The dough of Thepla is made by combining wheat flour and gram flour and mixing it to make a thick dough and fenugreek leaves which is methi is added to the dough and mixed well. And then it is fried on the pan after giving it the shape of a roti. It is served hot with yogurt or pickle. It can also be served as an evening snack. 

4. Undhiyu-


This dish is the main course and is super healthy and delicious. This dish is usually made in earthen pots which riches the taste of the curry. The pot is sealed and kept upside down in the fire. The curry is made up of different vegetables like brinjal, regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, ivy gourds, beans, etc. The preparation takes time to get prepared as firstly all the vegetables are fried in different batches and the curry is prepared by adding all the masalas and then putting everything in the earthen pot, the pot is kept in the fire. And then it is ready to serve with rice or roti.

5. Dhokla– 


It is a cake made up of a besan slurry. The batter is made with besan water and haldi and salt are added to the paste for taste. The batter should not be very thick nor very runny, and it is steamed and the dhokla comes out. It is cut into pieces and garnished with grated coconut, curry leaves, and coriander leaves. And it is served with imli chutney.

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6. Dal Dhokli– 

Dal Dhokli

Dal- Dhokli- Dal Dhokli is one of the best traditional Gujarati one-pot meal made with toor dal & wheat dough. It is very spicy & prepared with shimmering whole wheat flour & perked with spices. This is a healthy & quick dish for dinner usually Gujarati eats this once a week.  This Gujarati delicacy is perfect is an amalgamation of spices and dal & wheat flour.

7. Handvo-


This is also a very famous dish of Gujarati cuisine. It is made up of different dals like moong dal, tuvar dal, urad dal, and also rice. All are soaked in water for 5-6 hours then rinse it and a thick paste is made with the dals and rice and yogurt is added to the paste. The mixture is then baked in a micro or pressure cooker and it is ready to serve hot with pickle or masala yogurt.

8. Patra-


Patra is also a very unique and delicious vegetarian delicacy of Gujarat and Maharashtra. To prepare Patra, a nutritious leaf named Colcocasia is used, firstly the leaf is washed thoroughly and a thick paste made with masala is applied on the leaves very nicely on both sides of the leaf. And it is then fried in oil until it becomes crisp. It is a very tasty side dish with rice or roti but can also be served as an evening snack.

9. Aam Shrikhand (Aam Ras)– 

Aam Shrikhand

It is a very famous dessert in Gujarat. This is very easy to make as mainly two ingredients are needed to make this, which is hung curd and mangoes. The pulp of the mangoes is taken out and is mixed with fresh yogurt, traditionally fresh yogurt is only used to make Shrikhand make it taste very good. And cardamom and saffron can be used to garnish and serve cold.

10. Basundi-


It is a very famous sweet dish of Gujarat. It is almost like Rabdi from North. The milk used in this recipe has to be full-fat milk and the milk is cooked for a very long time, to reduce the quantity of milk to half. And when the milk thickens and reduced to half chopped nuts, sugar, saffron, and cardamom are added and are served cold.

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