Vivah Makeup Studio and Academy | Harsha Modi


Vivah Makeup Studio and Academy | Harsha Modi

With years of experience, Vivah makeup studio and academy by Harsha Modi and her daughter’s (Niki & Dhara) has become a premium beauty salon, providing excellent services to those who dream to look the best on special occasions. Getting a makeover not only brings a glamorous look on the person’s face but also makes them look confident. Vivah makeup studio never fails to live up to the expectations of its clients in making them look gorgeous and beautiful. They offer a range of makeup services ranging from beauty to grooming services, both affordable and expensive.  With their in-depth expertise and experience, they cover almost every dimension of hair and beauty treatment. In addition to all these, Harsha Modi makes sure that all queries of clients are satisfactorily answered and they get access to a premium quality salon treatment.

Vivah Makeup Studio and Academy

With over a hundred employees working at the Vivah makeup studio and academy, Harsha Modi makes sure that each of them is well trained and experienced. Also, all the services available at the Vivah studio are as per international standards. Through expert guidance and dedication, they aim to provide the best services and perks at this facility. Also, they ensure that everyone stays updated with the latest trends in the industry and delivers services of outstanding quality leaving no customer dissatisfied.

They conduct background checks and tests before appointing anyone to work. They select only the best professional trainees based on their skills, training, dedication, experience, and testimonials. Care is also taken to ensure that all beauticians use only branded, genuine products because clients deserve nothing but the best. They have set a high bar on allowing beauticians to work at their facility. Beauticians are appointed only when they pass their standard of service and cosmetics tests.  They never compromise on the quality of products used.


1.  Harsha Modi and her two daughters have been running this facility at Unjha for about 20 years. Over these years, they have served one and all, even celebrities.

2.  They boast of working with several Indian celebrities like singer bhumi Trivedi, Kinjal Dave, Diya Chaudhari, Kajal Maheriya, etc.

3.  To get more exposure and discoverability, they organize workshops in various parts of the country. They aim to make salon services reliable and trustworthy.

4.  They bring the best beauty professionals at their facility to make sure the client gets what they are looking for.

5.  At Vivah makeup salon and academy, you can enjoy their premium service at comfort and luxury. They allow customers to select a professional of their choice from among innumerable beauticians working at the facility.

6.  They can also choose the kind of service they would love to opt for. Clients can choose professionals on the basis of customer ratings, qualifications, experience and other factors.

Below given is a list of their specialties:

  • Full client satisfaction
  • Affordable range of services available
  • Experienced professionals at work
  • Premium quality products
  • Reliable services
  • Prompt customer care services
  • Transparent dealings
  • Best consultancy
  • Customized services
  • Widespread connectivity
  • Latest services and technologies available

A list of their exclusive salon services is provided below:

  •  Pedicures/ manicure
  •  Bridal make-up
  •  Keratin treatment
  • Hairstyles
  • Sangeet/ Mahendi look
  •  Reception look
  •  Engagement look
  •   Highlighting Hair
  •   Hair spa
  •   Manicure

Sum Up

At the Vivah makeup studio and academy, the client’s demands are heard, understood, and accordingly addressed. Giving the team of Harsha Modi would surely be a great experience. She is running one of the best beauty salons present in Unjha. Along with friendly and cooperative staff, dedicated and customer-oriented professionals, you will also get a comfortable atmosphere. In short, the client’s satisfaction is the top priority.

Though it took some time and a lot of hard work to make this facility stand out, Harsha Modi has been extremely successful in running it. It’s now extremely popular among people as you can see their reach to Bollywood celebrities even. You can even book prior appointments at their place. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with them and talk with their professional beauticians.

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