Chandubhai Virani Biography

starting a small scale business to turning it into a multi-million dollar company is a spectacular achievement.

Chandubhai Virani was born in an extremely poor family to Popatbhai Virani.

Who did not give up even after many failures and today he is the owner of 1500 crore company.

Chandubhai is today MD in the business he started with his brother

Gujarat is the largest manufacturers and suppliers of potato chips and other varieties of snacks

The enterprise started as a small scale industry which eventually turned into a company worth 2 crores, producing quality products with an indigenous taste.

Approximately Balaji Wafers produce about 450,000 kg of potato chips per day and 400,000 kg of namkeen

Balaji’s share of the local vegetable and potato chips market rose from 9.5% to 13.7%  in 2012

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