Geeta Rabari Biography

Geeta Rabari was born on 31st December 1996.

She is a Gujarati girl born in Tappar in Kutch.

One of the most famous folk singers of Gujarat, especially Kutch is Geeta Ben Rabari.

Geeta Ben Rabari is referred to as “the Kutchi koyal”, because of her sweet soothing voice that hits us right in the right places.

Singer Geeta Rabari, popularly known as Kutch Ki Koel, is famous all over India today due to her melodious voice.

Geeta always wears traditional ghagra chunni to all her events.

One of his famous songs 'Rana Sher Maa' became famous all over India, which was liked by millions of people.

she performed a stage program at Madhapur to collect funds for cattle feeding and collected 1.05 cores! For doing a stage program, Geeta charges around Rs. 50,000.

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