When Did Gabriel Fernandez’s Father, Arnold Contreras, Disappear? Find Out Where He Is Right Now!

Gabriel Fernandez’s death shocked everyone, because of the brutality with which the innocent boy was killed. The Netflix docuseries “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez” sheds light on the case and the systemic flaws that allowed the abuse to continue until the eight-year-old boy’s tragic death.

The show Is about Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, who did terrible things. But Isauro is not Gabriel’s biological father. Arnold Contreras is his father. Contreras was an integral part of the trial following Gabriel’s death, and you may be wondering where he is now. We’ve taken care of that for you. In addition, Daniel Patry Pictures is currently the most googled topic.

Arnold Contreras: Who Is He?

Arnold Contreras testified at Isauro’s sentencing hearing. The man, who went by the name Arnaldo Jose Contreras, spoke fondly of his late son. He claimed that Pearl disliked the boy and that he assumed Gabriel would live with his mother’s parents. Gabriel passed away in 2013. Contreras was incarcerated in Riverside County at the time. Arnold was a member of a group that filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the public school district, Pearl and Isauro, and three county departments. He claimed that Gabriel’s death was so violent that he had difficulty sleeping.

What Became of Arnold Contreras?

Arnold Contreras appears to have tried to move on with his life. There are numerous pictures of him with Gabriel on his Facebook page, all of which show the boy smiling. The father clearly hasn’t moved on from his son’s death. According to his profile, he lives in Pacoima, California.

Arnold’s profile indicates that he is single, and it appears that he works at a tattoo and piercing shop. Many of the images on his profile page are about business. Some photographs prominently display his work. You can view his profile by clicking here.

But it’s worth noting that Arnold hasn’t been seen on Facebook in public since 2017. His account also includes a link to an Instagram page, which appears to have been removed as well. Aside from that, are you curious about Lindsey Vonn’s Net Worth?

Arnold has a Pinterest page where he showcases his tattoo artist skills once more. Here’s where you can find it. Arnold hasn’t updated this profile in a while, either, as evidenced by the fact that it’s linked to Google+, which was decommissioned in April 2019.

So, where exactly is he right now? We don’t know where or how Arnold is right now, but we do have the most up-to-date information. Arnold appears to be constantly in trouble with the law and in prison. On February 11, 2019, he was sentenced to Calipatria State Prison for a nonviolent crime. He has been able to get out of jail since June 2019.

You can find the information you need on the website of the State of California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Arnold appears to have had a difficult life, with stints in prison. People feel sorry for him because he is a father dealing with the loss of his son.

Contreras was devastated by the news of his son’s death:

“I can tell you that Contreras loved Gabriel and still loves him,” prosecutor Jon Hatami said in the series. “I can assure you that he is depressed.” I can tell you that he blames himself and believes that if he hadn’t been imprisoned, he would have saved Gabriel.”

Gabriel Fernandez’s mother abandoned him shortly after he was born. He was raised by various family members, first by his uncle and uncle’s partner, then by his grandparents, until Pearl Fernandez decided he should live with her.

According to KABC, Contreras stated in court that he has always been opposed to Gabriel living with Pearl. There are rumours that Pearl once threatened to stab Contreras, which is part of their troubled history.

On the stand, Contreras stated that Gabriel’s death would forever change the family. “Everyone, everyone was affected.” During Aguirre and Pearl’s trials, authorities claimed that the boy was tortured horribly while living with his mother. He was forced to eat cat poop, was frequently locked in a small cabinet, was burned with cigarettes, and was beaten repeatedly.

Ezequiel and Virginia, Pearl and Contreras’ other two children, may have been neglected as well, but Pearl and Aguirre were mostly cruel to Gabriel. Hatami asked Contreras on the stand during Aguirre’s trial what he would tell his son if he had the chance. Contreras’ response was straightforward: “I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.”

Where Is Arnold Contreras These Days?

Contreras is serving time at Calipatria State Prison for acquiring and retaining personal identity information from a previous offence, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Contreras was convicted in May 2018 in Los Angeles County of collecting and retaining personally identifiable information and sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. On January 25, 2019, he was convicted of a second charge and sentenced to one year and four months in prison, to be served concurrently with his 2018 sentence.

Prior convictions include evading a peace officer while driving recklessly, using a controlled substance while in possession of a loaded firearm, second-degree robbery, possessing paraphernalia, drugs, or alcohol in prison, and assaulting a fellow inmate with a “deadly weapon or force likely to cause great bodily injury.”

Contreras’ long background with law enforcement made him suspicious of the legal system after his son was slain in May 2013. After his parole in 2016, he contacted Hatami and the two men bonded. Contreras described his son as a “typical child” who liked “cops and robbers.” Apart from this, Have You Heard About Dionne Warwick’s Net Worth?


The Netflix documentary The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez depicted unspeakable cruelty on an 8-year-old boy by his mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her lover, Isauro Aguirre. Many people wondered where Fernandez’s father was while he was being tortured. Learn why Fernandez’s father was unable to assist him.

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