Breaking Barriers: Women Entrepreneurs Forge a New Path to Success in Business”.


Breaking Barriers: Women Entrepreneurs Forge a New Path to Success in Business”.

In today’s article, we will throw light on the achievements of five such women and their companies, who have given a new dimension to India’s business sector by giving excellent performance in their respective sectors.

There has been a big change in the businesses of India in the recent years, in this field, the leadership of women entrepreneurs and the use of modern methods have increased.

These visionary women have achieved remarkable success braving the odds and challenges of the society. These women have become an inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs.

In today’s article, we will throw light on the achievements of five such women and their companies, who have given a new dimension to the business sector of India by giving excellent performance in their respective sectors.

Women Entrepreneurs Forge a New Path to Success in Business

Upasana Taku – MobiKwik

Upasana Taku, often referred to as the Fintech Leading Lady, is an influential entrepreneur, who is the Chairperson of the Board of Mobikwik and the Co-founder and CEO of Mobikwik.

She has been included in the Kotak Wealth Hurun- Leading Wealthy Women List 2020 and 2021 among India’s 15 Richest Self-Made Women, as well as in Forbes Asia’s Power Business Women list.

Upasana Taku brought a big change in India’s digital payment and credit sector through Mobikwik. As the co-founder of Mobikwik, he has completely changed the way Indians deal and manage their finances.

Creating a positive impact on this sector, she has become a source of inspiration for many aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Due to Taku’s excellent contribution in this sector, he has got special recognition. She was honored by the President of India as the first woman to lead a payments startup.

With her achievements and dedication, she has been at the forefront of driving change in India’s digital payments sector and inspires other entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true and create a positive impact on society.

Falguni Nair – Nykaa

Falguni Nair, the founder of Nykaa, has brought a change in the beauty and wellness industry. Nykaa’s online platform brings high quality beauty products and services.

Nykaa has today established itself firmly in the Indian beauty market by providing satisfactory services to the consumers.

Moving beyond e-commerce, Nair also founded Nykaa Beauty, a chain of physical retail stores. With whom the position of Nykaa in the field of beauty and wellness has become even stronger.

Nykaa has also helped emerging beauty brands to grow. Nykaa continues to drive change in India’s beauty sector by driving innovation and keeping consumer needs in mind. With this dedication and commitment, Nair has become an inspiration for innumerable women.

Divya Gokulnath – BYJU’S

Byju’s Co-Founder Divya Gokulnath is bringing a paradigm shift in the education sector in India through her ed-tech start-up.

Byju’s comes up with personalized learning programs that make learning easy for the students keeping in mind their needs.

With a vision to make education accessible, Byju’s has become one of India’s leading Ed-Tech companies, making learning easier for millions of students and improving their academic performance.

Byju’s reach has grown steadily under the leadership of Gokulnath, creating a positive impact in the education sector.

With its multi-dimensional approach, Gokulnath has ensured that the students get the best learning experience, so that along with learning, they also develop the necessary skills.

With these efforts, Gokulnath has given a new dimension to the future of learning in India and has inspired students to continuously learn, innovate and acquire knowledge.

Aditi Gupta – Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta, co-founder of Menstrupedia, has been instrumental in raising awareness about menstruation in India.

This start-up of hers gives important information about menstruation according to the age of girls. At the same time, by removing misconceptions related to menstruation, women and girls empowers.

Through design and storytelling, Gupta has gained global recognition and contributed to addressing the challenges related to menstruation by reaching out to millions of young girls.

With her dedication, Aditi Gupta inspires women and girls to take care of their health during menstruation. Enables them to deal with the misconceptions and challenges spread in the society.

She wants to create a future for women where they are not afraid to talk about menstruation, rather understand about it and be empowered.

All these women entrepreneurs have brought a new change in the business environment of India through their start-ups.

Challenging the norms of the society with her leadership, innovation and dedication, she has created a new dimension in the industries and inspires innumerable women to fulfill their dreams.

With India emerging as a business hub, the zeal and enthusiasm of these women entrepreneurs is all set to make the future of business environment prosperous and dynamic in the country.


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